BulletSafe Dealers Are Our Best Resource

Even a great product at a great price needs great places to sell it.  Our customers often either don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards to buy a bulletproof vest.  Instead they want to pay cash.  These folks need to buy their vest in a store.  So we need good dealers to stock BulletSafe products. 

Our first dealers were local to us.  We are in the Detroit area, which has a large number of private security companies.  So we asked them where they shopped for their uniforms and equipment.  Then we visited those companies, in person. 

It went really well.  Action Impact is a gun range, shop, and training facility that is owned by a former Chief of Police.  He understood our product immediately and became our first dealer.  Then an Army Navy Store called Harry’s Army Surplus let us stop by.  They couldn’t believe our product could be purchased for $299.  They’ve been a great dealer ever since. Of time we have signed up dealers all over. 

Are vests aren’t in every store, but they are in quite a few.  If you are looking to find a BulletSafe dealer near you, please visit this page. 

If you would like to become a dealer, you can fill out the form right here. We are always looking for stores where people shop for related items like: uniforms, tactical equipment, gun shops, and ranges.  These companies do well with our vests.