BulletSafe Makes It Easy To Protect Your Entire Team – Size Them All In One Day

When ordering bulletproof vests for a large group of people, you want to get the sizes right the first time.  BulletSafe understands this, that’s why our sizing method is both unique and efficient. 

First, we size people by their height and weight.  Why?  Because everyone knows their height and weight.  Also, because height and weight help us choose the vest size best.  Chest size isn’t as important, and waist size isn’t really correct either.  We have a time-tested size chart for choosing vests using height and weight. 

BulletSafe Size Chart

The only time our height/weight chart needs adjustment is when the size of a person’s belly doesn’t fit their height and weight.  Are they a body builder, with huge arms and legs?  They could be 250 lbs with a flat stomach.  Those guys will need a smaller sized vest than their height/weight indicates.  Are they a thin guy with a beer belly?  If so, they may need a larger vest to get around their “storage tank”.  No matter what their height, weight, or shape, these are all things that your team knows about itself.  So just ask them, fill out this form, and we’ll supply your vests.  The days of measuring someone’s belly button are over.  BulletSafe makes it easy to size your team for bulletproof vests. 

BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests - Group Sizing Chart

Want our help with the process?  We’d love to support you.  Download this form and fill it out.  You can send the form to:  BulletSafe@priveco.com.