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How Bulletproof is Flesh – Pork Shoulders vs. .50 Cal Desert Eagle

They say pig flesh is very similar to human flesh, so what will happen when we shoot two pork shoulders with a .50 Cal Desert Eagle, one of the world’s most …

The BulletSafe Tactical Bulletproof Vest Kit – How To Switch Carriers

The BulletSafe Tactical Bulletproof Vest Kit comes with two different front carriers. One is concealable and the other has MOLLE straps for tactical use.

How Bulletproof is the Kitchen Sink?

BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests presents our web series “How Bulletproof” where we show you how bulletproof regular objects are. We use a .50 cal Desert Eagle.

Blunt Force Trauma – If you are shot wearing a bulletproof vest, you can expect minor injuries

In earlier videos we show you the devastating effects of being shot without wearing a bulletproof vest.  In one video we show ribs being shot, the bullet blows through 8 racks of ribs, and the hole left in them is huge. It actually gets bigger with each rack of ribs the bullet tears through.  Big areas of flesh were turned into mist and it was clear that an injury like that would not be survivable. 

But what happens when you are shot with a vest on? The damage is very minor.  We show this in this video.  Why did we make this video? Well, sometimes we hear skeptics say things like “Well even if you have a vest on, the “BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA” will skill kill you.”  This is B.S.  By the time your BulletSafe vest has stopped the bullet there really isn’t much energy left.  How much? Well, we created this video to show you. It’s about the same amount of energy  you need to crack three eggs or to dent a ripe pineapple.  It isn’t even enough to squish a cheesecake.  Have a watch and then remember to wear your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest.

How Bulletproof #7 – How Bulletproof Is Sand?

Will lining your walls with sand stop a bullet? How much sand is required to be as bulletproof as a bulletproof vest? This week’s episode of How Bulletproof …

.50 Cal Desert Eagle vs. Drywall vs. Bulletproof Vest – How Bulletproof Volume 2

How Bulletproof Volume 2 – This series shows how bulletproof regular items are. How many layers of drywall will it take to stop a .50 cal Desert Eagle? We know …

HeadShot from A Desert Eagle .50 cal and How Many Shots Can A BulletSafe Vest Take?

What Can A .50 cal Desert Eagle do to your head? What can it do to the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest? In a few prior videos we demonstrated that our vest could …

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Bandana Offers Patented Face and Neck Protection

Are you breaching doors or doing SWAT work? BulletSafe’s Bulletproof Bandana is the easiest-to-deploy and most protective face protection you can buy.

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap – Production Prototype Test

This test of the BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is of our first set of production prototypes. These parts are made using our production tool and using a …

.50 Cal Desert Eagle vs. Watermelons vs. $299 Bulletproof Vest

See the .50 Cal Desert Eagle try to shoot through as many watermelons as possible in this episode of How Bulletproof. Also, note that the .50 Desert Eagle does …