Continuous Proof The BulletSafe Vests Stop Bullets

We continuously test our vest to make sure they can save your life.  We have what is called a quality testing plan.  Here is how it works.

1.  Once we developed a design that works, we don’t change it.  Really, that’s the first step.  Don’t mess with success.  The world is full of products that were once great and then failed.  We aren’t going to be one of those.  Our single goal is to make each one perfectly and exactly like the ones that passed all of the development tests. 

2.  We “proof test” every batch of vests.  Test Engineers have something they call a proof test. Proof tests are done quickly and more often to every batch of vests.  The proof test is done with a higher-energy bullet than the official test, but they are not done in an officially controlled environment.  Proof testing allows us to be sure that every batch is great.  An analogy might be:  If you were a weigh lifter and you had an upcoming contest where you were going need to lift 300lbs.  If you got to the point where during training, you lifted 350lbs. every week, you’ll be pretty sure you can lift that 300 when needed. 

3.  We periodically conduct independent performance tests in an NIJ approved lab.  Once the development ended, we weren’t finished with independent tests, so we periodically send samples out to the NIJ-Approved lab to make sure they perform.  Here is our latest test result.

Testing bulletproof vests is a very important part of our jobs.  We have to guarantee, without a doubt, that our vest will work when needed.