Here is why BulletSafe does not make ballistic plates from AR500 Steel.

At BulletSafe our job is to keep you safe in the most affordable way. Some people ask us why we don’t make ballistic plates from AR500 steel. AR500 steel is a very popular alloy for stopping bullets.  There is a problem with steel plates when used in the real world though.  This video explains it well. Steel plates sometimes deflect bullets and that deflection can be really unsafe.  This problem is even more pronounced when the wearer has a beer belly. Well, we’ve met thousands of our customers and without insulting anyone, they almost all have a stomach that sticks out farther than their chest. 

If you are considering AR500 plates, we understand. They are often sold for less than $60.  But beside the weight penalty (a 10×12 plate usually weights 11 pounds) please note the safety penalty.  Our plates are more than $60, but we promise they will keep you safe.

Our ceramic plate is here.

Our ultralight PE plate is here.