How To Order BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests from Outside the USA

Summary:  BulletSafe ships bulletproof vests outside of the USA to organizations that the US Government thinks are of low-risk. Every international inquiry is subject to an investigation.  


BulletSafe wants to protect as many people as possible and we protect customers all over the world.

Acquiring bulletproof vests internationally is moderately difficult.  Bulletproof vests are controlled by export regulations, so shipping them outside the USA takes a little bit of effort.  This effort requires us to get the permission of the U.S. State Department to sell to each specific customer.  Each individual shipment requires either an export license or a waiver for such a license.  We seek these permissions for corporate clients.  This process is much easier if the products needed are NIJ Level IIIA or less.  Products that are designed to stop rifle-fire are much more difficult to ship internationally.  
To get the process started, please write to us here. Please include the following information.  The process requires us to know all of the following details. 
Please supply:
1.  Information about your organization:  
Your company name:
# of years in business:
your address:
website address:
The legal name of the principal owner(s) of your company (the name appearing on their passport)
2.  Please provide the name of the organization that will be using the vests:
3.  Please provide the name of the country where these vests will ultimately be used:
4.  The job-titles of the people who will wear your vests:
5.  Which items you would like to request?  Please note, we do not manufacture custom items. We only export items we already produce.
6. The quantity of the items you require:
Financial Terms:  
If goods are ready immediately. we will send you an online payment invoice. Orders must be paid in full before pick up.  
Orders that aren’t available immediately are to be paid 50% upon order placement and 50% upon completion of goods.  Full payment is required prior to pick up.
You are responsible for providing freight services from our warehouse.  We can provide the weight and size of the shipment after it is prepared and ready for shipment. Please don’t ask us to pay your freight.
A Note for Anyone Considering Fraud:
This is not the place to try to submit a fraudulent request. Our process is very rigorous and involves communication with government agencies in our country and in your country. This is not a place to try to be tricky.