Learn the Laws

Learn the Laws Before Engaging in Self Defense Tactics

While self-defense isn’t a bad thing, there are certain limitations on what you can do and how you can defend yourself – depending on your state or country’s laws. You should always familiarize yourself with these laws, so that you can avoid legal troubles while trying to defend yourself.

First, before even getting a self-defense weapon, you should search online for what is legal and what is not in your area. For example, you may want to buy a stun gun, but if you live in Washington DC, it’s illegal to even own one, let alone use it.

Some places are less strict, such as Connecticut, where you can carry one if you get a permit. In many states, however, it’s perfectly legal to own one, and there are little to no major restrictions on them.

Knife laws vary even more than stun gun laws. Some states have almost no restrictions on owning them, like Texas, where the only illegal type of knife is a “gravity knife,” which uses inertia to open the blade.

Everything else, however, such as swords, switchblades, butterfly knives, etc. is perfectly legal to own. There is a distinction to be made between owning and carrying. When it comes to carrying knives, Texas is one of the most restrictive states.

You can’t carry, concealed or open, any of the following: Bowie knives, swords, throwing knives, daggers or other stabbing knives, or any knife with a blade over 5.5 inches long. So, before purchasing a knife, check your area’s laws, because they are all very different.

You should check the legality of firearms in your area. All states in the US allow some form or another of gun ownership, as long as you get your CCL (concealed carry license), you should be fine.

There are many restrictions on what kind of gun you can own, though, depending on your state. Surprisingly, Vermont has the most relaxed gun laws. You can open and concealed carry to your heart’s delight, as long as you’re a citizen of the US, even without a CCL.


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Some countries in Europe are very harsh on gun laws, such as England. Others, like Switzerland, have annual mandatory firearm training, and as long as you’re not a criminal, you can own a firearm. You should still make sure you check the legality of firearms all the way down to your city’s legislature, as some cities can have differing laws from the state.

It’s not all about what you can and can’t own or carry, though. You have laws for using the weapons as well. For instance, you might have the right in some places to shoot at anyone running away on your property if they have your stolen possessions. Some other places might restrict the use of deadly force.