Non Lethal Personal Protection Options

Non Lethal Personal Protection Options

Protecting yourself is one of the most basic human instincts, and in the dangerous world we live in today, it’s important to know how to do it. However, you may not always want to kill or seriously wound your attacker.

There are many ways to protect yourself in a non-lethal way, including stun guns, Tasers, and pepper spray. Stun guns are one of the most common forms of self-defense.

A stun gun usually has two prongs on the end of it that transmit a non-lethal dose of electricity through them. These stun guns are effective because they take advantage of how the human body actually works.

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Your body’s cells use electricity to communicate with your brain and muscles. Sending an extra jolt of electricity through your body causes your muscles to contract and expand against their will.

This is ultimately harmless, but at the time, will be very painful and immobilizing for your attacker. The most common stun gun company is Vipertek, and they make many reliable and inexpensive stun guns available on Amazon.

The other most common form of self-defense is pepper spray. Pepper spray is, as the name implies, a spray infused with pepper and other chemicals, notably oleoresin capsicum, or OC.

OC is derived from cayenne peppers, and it works even better than tear gas, because tear gas won’t always stop victims who feel less pain, such as drunks and druggies. OC will cause temporary blindness and restrict the victim’s breathing, while not cutting it off completely.

The blindness will last at least 15 minutes – 30 at most. The burning feeling lasts 45 to 60 minutes, the coughing from it getting in your lungs lasts up to 15 minutes. These combined factors give you more than enough time to make your escape while your attacker is incapacitated.

One of the best companies for pepper spray is SABRE. SABRE is used by some of the largest police forces, including NYPD, LAPD, and Chicago PD. SABRE combines the tear gas mentioned earlier with the OC to create a perfect defense weapon.

It also includes a UV dye, so that the suspect can later be identified by holding up a UV light, without him knowing that he’s been marked. You can also get a pepper gel from SABRE, which works the same as pepper spray, but it sticks to your attacker, making it safer to use indoors.

Pepper spray may be a better first line of defense over the stun guns, due to the fact that they have a much longer range. Finally, there is the least common form of self-defense – a Taser.

Taser is a company that makes an advanced, long range version of the stun gun. Tasers are legal in 45 states, so make sure you check the legality of Tasers in yours. A Taser is a small weapon that fires two little prongs, much like the prongs attached to the stun gun, which stick into the victim and shock them.

For non-law enforcement consumers, the maximum range for a Taser is 15 feet. This is still plenty of room, and the Taser will lay anyone and anything out completely. It’s essentially a much more effective stun gun.

The only downside to the Taser is its price tag. A Taser will usually run you about as much as a regular gun costs. However, this does not stop them from being very effective pieces of self-defense technology and it’s perfect for those who have a moral problem killing another person, even in self defense.