Self Defense –

Vital for some – but a Liability for You!

Important for YOUR success – but leading to YOUR defeat!

Slide your feet and demolish him – slide your feet and get kicked in the belly!

Move to your Left, WHACK! him – Move to your Right, be whacked yourself!

Move about – be crushed! Stand still – crush him!

To be skilled in Footwork – ten long intense years of study; but to be skilled in Winning – five minutes of study – Stand Still!

Practice your footwork– and Lose; Don’t – and win!

The most important factor in using footwork is – DON’T! You will surely be defeated and smashed.

For you, as a Beginner, this is most important advice. When you hit him, don’t move your feet.

If you misguidedly attend self defence classes, your instructors will pour scorn on these remarks. Show them a copy of the first part above those dots and you’ll see what I mean!


You are a middle-aged unfit man or woman with no training or experience in the martial arts. You want to survive alive and unbroken in a mugging or rape attempt. You want that knowledge now, today – tonight indeed! You lack time, you lack fitness. You lack skill. You lack strength. You lack inbuilt ruthlessness. You don’t have a chance?


Simply because you don’t have a chance against a professional mugger or drugged rapist, YOU DO! You have every real chance of surviving, of breaking him.

You are aware that a weapon gives you that much more chance of coming through in more or less one piece. You MUST therefore carry a weapon. A valid legal weapon. But what is a legal weapon?

A walking stick, an umbrella, a dog chain or dog chew. Possibly a karatetsu P.E.S.T.

Don’t put any reliance whatsoever on rape alarms – why should an innocent bystander come to help you, a total stranger, and have his throat cut as well as yours? It just doesn’t make sense. Far safer for him to mobile phone the police, five miles away, and stay alive to try to identify your killer …

You must learn say three techniques with your favourite weapon – stick, umbrella, chew, whatever.

Your technique must be delivered from a standing still position. If you move your feet the (expert) mugger will laugh.

It must arise from an innocent, non-threatening position. It must not be held above your head as if about to hit him. Ideally (in your case) it must arise from your right rear and slash up through his left chops.

You must give absolutely no warning. This takes courage (and Autogenic Training!)

And then and only then can you step to your left and smash down into the angle of his right neck. Many times, many many many times …

To use footwork takes much, much practice, months indeed. If you are not immaculate in your move, he will counter you. He may be a Mugger but most assuredly he’s no mug.

If you don’t move your feet he MAY not twig on to your intention. And you must hit him in the instant before he starts his close attack. You must hit him first. You must in fact PRE-EMPT his coming attack and scatter his wits as you smash his chops. And only then, while he is momentarily witless do you proceed as Survival dictates – WHACK!

Footwork? What footwork? You want to survive, don’t you?

You do, don’t you?

Did I hear you say “Yes”?

Then forget about Footwork!


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