The Mandatory Warning

You are walking along when you see a suspicious looking character coming towards you. You adjust the hold on your umbrella or walking stick and prepare to defend yourself.

Aware of the need to protect yourself, as he approaches you suddenly hit out and break his head.


No! Bad! Very Bad!

The result? He lands up seriously sick in hospital.

And you end up seriously sick in jail!

Until proven otherwise, he is doing no wrong walking where he is. He has not at that point actually offered you harm. He is simply an innocent A.N.Other fully entitled to walk where he chooses, as long as it interferes with no-one.

You observe the possibility of an attack. Take several steps well to one side out of his direct path. If he simply continues on his way, on his original path, all well and good. No problem. He is (probably) not going to mug you.

But if now he changes direction towards you, the situation alters. You are under direct and immediate threat. You are in fear for your life. If you don’t take command you will end up mugged or raped.

With your weapon at the ready – that is, prepared to deliver an ‘invisible attack’ into his face – call out to him “Stay There! Don’t come any closer!”

If he continues towards you he is about to enter your Personal Space. He is offering you violence. His hand is declared and he means to attack you. If he hits you, you are finished.

As he comes into range of your particular weapon, with absolutely no warning hit him in a major target. Like the chops, the temple, the eye. In such a manner and with such force that his knees will buckle and he will sag down in front of you. WHACK!

If necessary, to secure the situation, hit him again (and again and again…) till you are manifestly safe, out of danger and beyond his ability to get up catch you and kill you.

If you attack him without reasonable excuse, you will be arrested.
If he attacks you (and there are no witnesses) he will probably get away with it.

ALWAYS establish your legality by giving this mandatory warning:

“Stay There! Don’t come any closer!”

Then – WHACK!

“It’s not over till it’s over – and even then it may not be!”