You Can Buy A Lot of BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests for 9.1 Million Dollars

$9,100,000?  What is that?  That is the value of a wrongful death (according the EPA and a study by Vanderbilt University). It’s tough to put a dollar figure on a human life, but if you had to, that would be it.  But there is more than just the financial cost of a death, there is emotional loss, the loss of morale, the increase in fear, and the guilt associated. So, it costs more than $9,100,000 if one of your employees is killed on the job. 

30,434?  What is that?  That is the number of BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests you can buy for nine-point-one million dollars.  BulletSafe made bulletproof vests affordable. Our level IIIA vest is just $299. That’s a lot of protection for a small amount of money.  You can buy 30,434 of them for $9.1M.

Does it now make sense to buy your people a bulletproof vest?  

I think it does.  Let’s look at a case study: 

A large cash transport company lost two workers during robberies in the last four years.  Not only was it emotionally costly, but it probably cost their insurance company and Loomis $18,000,000.  That’s a yearly liability of $4,500,000.

What would it cost to protect every guard?  That company operates a fleet of 3,000 vehicles.  Three BulletSafe vests per vehicle would be 9,000 vests.  The total cost to the company would be: $2.7M for 5 years worth of protection.  That’s $540,000 per year. $540,000 is a lot less than $4,500,000. This company should clearly provide their guards with vests.

Beyond economics there are more reasons.  

  • Doing everything you can to protect your employees is the right thing to do.  
  • Your employees want high quality body armor.
  • Supplying it for them shows you care.
  • BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests are only $299 per vest.
  • Many of your team members cannot afford to buy new armor on their own.
  • Team members that don’t feel protected will look for work elsewhere
  • A new BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is professional in function and appearance.

Is it time for your company to start supplying their employees with bulletproof vests?  Failing to do so is dangerous, financially risky, and gives your employees the wrong message.  Now is the time to review your policies.



Tom Nardone, President, BulletSafe